/WB-160 Digital

WB-160 Digital


A system with Studio Monitor features: 5″ wofer and MDF wood cabinet with 9mm thick walls.
They are equipped with a Microphone input with reserved volume control and the package includes a desk microphone with 5 meters of cable (you can replace it with a wireless microphone).

Brand: Empire

Category: Educational

The powerful Empire WB-160 feature a bigger cabinet thickness respect the standard to best reproduce the generated power: the thickness is 9mm
instead of 6mm like all other products dedicated to Educational. It ‘the same thickness which we also used for the renowned Empire S600MKII, a great sound system for HOME RECORDING STUDIO that had great success.
The Empire WB-160 features a 5” Woofer instead of a usual 4” driver.
To make it absolutely unique, we have equipped the Empire WB-160 with a MICROPHONE INPUT and a dedicated VOLUME CONTROL. The packaging includes a simple desktop microphone with 5mt long cable. It’s possible to install a wireless microphone.
The control panel has been streamlined: now there is only one potentiometer to adjust Volume, Bass and Treble (turning adjusting the setting while
pressing advances to the next function) and provides a handy wireless remote control with which you can adjust all main functions.
Empire WB160 are available in two colours:
• White, most suitable colour to a use in Educational, it matches best with the classic colors of classrooms and meeting room beside interactive  whiteboards (IWB) and white boards
• Black, more suitable to a Pro use because the majority of modern multimedia equipment such as INTERACTIVE MONITORS have a preponderance to black.

The WB-160 project was created to respond better to the needs of schools, meeting halls, demo room, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.
To give greater strength to the product frontal protections are fixed and not removable: in this way drivers are always covered and better protected.
Both the woofers and the tweeters are wide-ranging and with the correct tuning with cabinet make the Empire WB-160 DIGITAL sound system to play a faithful and broad-spectrum sound, with the result of a perfect sound diffusion.
The WB-160R are two-way: the woofers are 5” with reinforced coil for deep bass and mid-bass clean and present, while the 1” tweeters reproduce clear and crispy sound.
The new Class D amplifier delivers 160 watts RMS total and has a rise time (Ascent Time) incredibly fast which allows you to switch from the “very low” to “very high” volume in a split second, featuring a very exciting listening. Since this is a newly developed amplifier it allows a low consumption and an optimal heat dissipation.
The two separate stereo inputs allow you to connect up to 2 sources Audio SIMULTANEOUSLY.
Furthermore it’s possible to connect a MICROPHONE into the dedicated MIC INPUT.

The equipment includes:
• Power cable: 5 meters
• Audio connection cable: 5 meters
• Connection cable between the two speakers: 5 meters
• Wireless Remote Controler for Bass, Treble, and Volume
• Desktop Microphone with 5mt long cable

Total Power 160 Watts RMS (THD=10% -1KHz)
Frequency Response 55Hz-20Khz
Distortion >85dB
Tweeter 1"
Woofer 5” with Reinforced Coil and Bass Reflex
Controls on Cabinet Volume +/-, Bassi +/-, Acuti +/-
Remote Controller Volume +/-, Bassi +/-, Acuti +/-
Input 2 RCA Stereo Inputs + 1 Mono MIC input
Dimensions 170x300x200 mm (BxHxD)