The new EMPIRE EDU SB-PRO is a perfect combination of power, sound quality, elegance and price: an ideal Soundbar for educational, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Brand: Empire

Category: Educational

The new EMPIRE EDU SB-PRO is a perfect combination of power, sound quality, elegance and price: an ideal Soundbar for educational, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

6 Active speakers and 2 passive loudspeakers allow the SB EDU-PRO soundbar to reproduce with maximum fidelity both the SPEECH and the whole spectrum of music. Considering the diameter of the drivers and the total volume of the cabinet you can not expect so many basses to make walls vibrate, but for this you could simply add a Subwoofer. The two Passive drivers, whose size and
position have been calculated with a precise algorithm, are able to get an extremely faithful and pleasant sound spectrum to listen to. This type of passive driver is used precisely in cases where generous bass is required but little volume is available due to the
small size of the cabinet. It is far more effective than the common reflex holes because the rubber membranes are able to move much more air (about twice).

The incredible efficiency of the six active 12ohm speakers in Paper Cone + Rubber Edge (USP technology) and the generous power of 90 Watt make the SB EDU-PRO suitable for even large rooms.

Thanks to a specific algorithm we managed to keep the overall size reduced without compromising the sound quality: it measures 120cm wide and 55cm deep. These measures allow the SB-PRO EDU to match aesthetically very well with the latest generation touch monitors.

Just a simple CLICK on the Volume button, placed centrally on the soundbar, and the system turns on.
You can also adjust the volume with the same button. The supplied wireless remote control allows you to adjust the volume, bass and treble as you like.

Very simple: two inputs allow the simultaneous connection of two devices for maximum versatility.
For example, you can connect a computer to an input, while to the other one you can connect a RADIO-MICROPHONE, either to “ice cream” or “neck/Lavalier”: during a lesson, a meeting or a presentation, both the speaker’s voice and any multimedia files on the computer
will be amplified.
The kit comes with a 5mt long stereo cable with pipe-shaped RCA so as to minimize the space between the soundbar and the wall.

Metallic hooks allow easy installation on the wall.

Ask your distributor for quotation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that you can buy a technological and professional product at the price of a banal amateur soundbar!

• Total Power 90Watt (THD = 10% 1KHz)
• Frequency Response: 120-20K Hz
• S / N ratio:> 85db
• Input sensitivity: 650mv 1000Hz
• Active Drivers: 6 drivers of 12ohm, Paper Cone + Rubber Edge (USP technology)
• Passive drivers: 2 drivers to emphasize basses
• Wireless Remote: Volume +/-, Bass +/-, Treble +/-
• Volume / Volume Control: Volume +/-, On / Off
• Dimensions: L1200xH85xP55 (dimensions in mm, P70 considering the center button)

Total Power 90Watt (THD=10% 1KHz)
Frequency Response 120-20KHz
S/N Ratio >85db
Driver 6 driver da 12ohm, Paper Cone + Rubber Edge (USP technology) + 2 passive drivers for emphasize bass
Controls on Cabinet Volume +/-, On/off
Remote Controller Volume +/-, Bass +/-, Treble +/-
Input 2 Stereo RCA inputs
Dimensions L1200xH85xD55 (in mm, D70 including central button)